Understand the Drupal 8 Initiative

Dries Buytaert has once dreamt “There is no reason open source software should be limited to technical users”. And see what  his dream has resulted into-Development of DRUPAL.

Everyone one of us has seen children playing with blocks which are eventually joined to make houses of different shapes and sizes, added with their own specifications. Open source content management system like Drupal provide these building blocks which enables non technical people to administer sophisticated websites without having to write code. Some of the world’s prestigious brands like ebay, Intel, p&g depend on drupal to be a reliable, high performance solution for delivering the ultimate user experience.

Just as web has changed since its invention so does the technologies. Drupal is also like web, always evolving always improving. Drupal has evolved a lot since its first release in 2001. Latest version is Drupal 8 which is still under development with no set release date yet.

Some of the major pillars of change in Drupal 8 are-

Catering to a global audience needs building a website that supports multiple languages. Thus in order to improve Drupal’s handling of multilingual sites, Drupal 8 would feature new intuitive interfaces.
In this age of handheld devices, each one of us view and explore internet on our mobiles and tablets. Thus it is very important to build websites with responsive design. This has been kept in mind in Drupal 8 as all the inbuilt themes are responsive to mobile and tablets. Added with this, users can publish the content right from their mobile screen as the entire admin module is built on lightweight foundation.

To unleash the potential of HTML 5 development (form elements, audio, video and geo-location), Drupal 8 has included it as one of its major initiative. This HTML 5 initiative will help in creating impressive themes, new form elements and simplified scripts.

People who have already made their sites in Drupal need not to worry as they can easily upgrade from their previous version Drupal sites directly to Drupal 8 sites. This means Drupal 6 sites need not to be first upgraded to Drupal 7 site and then to Drupal 8 site. They can be directly upgraded as Drupal’s core development team have decided to include a powerful Data Migration API .


Making changes in development environment has not been so easier before. In Drupal 7 all the configuration were stored in database which are moved to files in Drupal 8. It is now easier for site administrators to roll over changes to the live sites from their development environment.

Symfony framework which is object oriented framework built in php is leveraged by Drupal 8 to do tasks like route URL’s to code that provides the output to those URL’s. Goal of this initiative is to present Drupal’s data in many more ways than just HTML.

So build your website with more powerful Drupal 8 and have a better user experience.

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