Understand color psychology to increase your campaign conversion and brand positioning

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, there are many ways to increase the same. However, the strongest and most persuasive one is color.

Color of your call-to-action buttons is the ultimate enabler you should put attention to! This demands for the understanding of color psychology and how it influences consumer decision making like online purchase and form fill.


Here is a list of the key points to take into account while you choose colors to increase conversion rate:


Emotionally intense, Passion, Power, Strength, Danger. Creates urgency and often seen in clearance sales.


Warm, Jovial, Lively, Energetic, Confidence.


Optimistic, Youthful, Cheerful, Fun. Used to grab window shoppers.


Romantic, Feminine. Used to market products for women and young girls.


Wealth, Reflects nature, Peace, Growth, Energy, Faith.


Power, Control, Sophistication, Death, Depressing. Used to market luxury products.


Trust, Security, honesty, trustworthiness. Often seen with banks and businesses.


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