Top 10 helpful SEO modules in Drupal 7

These days SEO is one of the crucial reasons for redesign of websites or move to content management systems. Everybody is concerned about their ranking in Google. Drupal has relieved its users by providing SEO friendly architecture. It has several modules which help in SEO. So let’s see how to get traffic to your Drupal website through them.



SEO checklist – Gives some ideas to make sure that your site is well optimized for SEO. It lets you know what pieces of SEO you have actually implemented and which ones you have not. It is a nice module to help you get started especially if you know SEO basics. It suggests SEO practice to follow and other required modules to install.

Meta Tags-Meta tags can be important for search engine results and rankings. This module allows you to customize page titles, page descriptions etc.

Pathauto-This module allows you to automatically use a pattern to generate URL for a specific piece of content. It is especially important if you have users who are going to be generating content like blog-posts or articles and they don’t have any idea about SEO. Give a try to this module especially if you have other people creating content that you want to be indexed on search engines. Having a nice clean URL path definitely helps with not only allowing user to see a little bit about the page but also search engines better index your site.

XML SiteMap-This module allows you to submit posts, content of your website, menus, pages, taxonomy, user profiles or anything to the search engines for them to index. Basically it builds an XML document that is then submitted to search engine which helps search engine to better index your site.

Search 404-This module is especially helpful if you have a Drupal based large website that has a lot of content. It replaces standard 404 with a search results page for a search of ‘[the-keywords-searched]’ on your site.. This is a simple module and useful if you have lot of content or you have links that may have become broken for whatever reasons or you have someone linking to your site with links that do not work.

Site Verification Module-This module allows you to authenticate and verify your Drupal website with various search engines. By verifying with the various search engines they provide metrics, notifications and reports that can help you ensure that your site is added quickly getting indexed and crawled by the search engines.

Global Redirect-This module makes sure that all the URL across your site are accessed in a consistent way and there is only one true URL to get you to a specific page. It is a very simple module that does only one thing and it does it very well. It makes sure that there is zero chance that search engine is going to find duplicate content on your site.

Page titles-Titles are HTML tags used on all pages. This module helps in creating page titles with targeted keywords. By default, the page title is automatically given by the node in Drupal. Title of the page let’s you take control over each individual node in determining the content in the <title> tag. By adding valuable keywords in this tag, searches could be highly optimized. This module also helps in URL shortening.

Google Analytics Module – By adding Google Analytics web statistics tracking system to your website, you can add Google’s rich statistics features to your Drupal site.

SEO Compliance Checker-Every time you create or edit node, SEO Compliance Checker runs a check and gives the user a feedback on the compliance of the rules.

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