Timbuktu Organics

Timbuktu Organics is a manufacturer and seller of Organic Beauty products from the United States of America in African countries including Republic of South Africa & Kenya.
Website URL: www.timbuktuorganics.com

Business Need:
Timbuktu Organics was looking for an online platform to showcase and sell its indigenous skin and environment friendly organic beauty products.
Helena, Owner at Timbuktu Organics was looking for an ecommerce expert which can help turn her idea into reality.

Solution Offered:
Webgeometrics ecommerce consultant discussed the needs and current challenges with Helena and her team. Our ecommerce consultant along with the Ecommerce Project Manager and Tech Lead discussed the product requirements, data architecture and system requirements. Everything including the design was drafted in consultation with the client’s team.
We used SCRUM Agile methodology, features were distributed into sprints as they evolved and were finalized accordingly.

CORE Technology Used:
LAMP with WordPress as the Content Management System.

Client Testimonial:

“Our Webgeometrics Account Manager has been amazing. He is available whenever I need him, and is very quick to help with whatever we need. we feel like he is a member of our team. I’m impressed about how easy it is to add new items and make changes to our online store. The functionality is robust and intuitive”