Setting up raspberry pi device

Who all have wondered why raspberry pi is called so?

If not then don’t, because here is the answer- It is of same size of 12 raspberries. But unlike the fruit it features 700 MHz processor, 512MB RAM and comes in two versions model A and model B.

The main purpose behind the creation of raspberry pi which is a low cost computer, was to help people learn programming.

But since its release in 2012, it has changed the game for both professionals and hobbyists alike. It has become a popular alternative to the Arduino microprocessor for projects ranging from home automation to web servers to mobile image processing, all because of its small size (about the size of a credit card) and low price.

Its ARM processor allows it to run a version of Debian Linux, and it can be configured to work with the physical world via onboard GPIO pins and optional extra equipment.

raspberry pi set up

Now let us see how to set up this small computer and get started.

Things needed to set up raspberry pi

Besides raspberry pi itself, you need a couple of other things:-

A TV and an HDMI cable to hook it up or you can use TV that uses analog composite input.   4GB class 4 SD card (or better) SD card to install an operating system USB keyboard and mouse    Ethernet cable to connect to the internet Micro USB power supply that can that can provide at least 700mA at 5v.

Set up Raspberry

First thing you need to set up your raspberry pi is to install Raspbian (its operating system). Regardless of your operating system and computer you need to download latest version of Raspbian which you can do from It will download as a zip file . Unzip it, insert an sd card into your computer and you are ready to go.


Connect Everything

Its time to get everything hooked up. With your SD card ready, you need to insert it to your raspberry pi and connect all your cables. That means your HDMI analog cable should be connected to TV or monitor, your mouse and keyboard to two USB ports and Ethernet to your router if desired. When you are done, power on your raspberry pi by plugging in micro USB power supply.


Configure Raspbian

Once your raspberry pi is up and running you need to do few things to configure it to use.  When finished you will be prompted for username and password. By default username is pi and password is raspberry. Once you are logged in you are finished and you can turn your raspberry pi into all number of cool things.


Raspberry pi was created as an educational tool but is already been embraced for many other purposes, including media player, low power office pc and robot controller. So after getting acquainted with device, what have you decided to build?

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