E-Commerce Development

Web Geometrics acts as technical advisor and consultants to various business houses to help them optimize the web sphere for maximum revenue generation. Our business analysts work closely with shareholders to understand their business and share our experience in the domain to come up with optimum e-commerce solutions.

  • Technology- As technological experts we choose a technical platform that supports your business plans and is scalable, extensible and adaptable for future business needs. We help you plan your conversion and sales rate for next 5 years and build your site accordingly.
  • Business Process – We understand that a good e-commerce website should be backed by a rock solid business process and delivery system that ensures good quality and on time delivery. Our team aligns your technical goals with business goals leading to 100% ‘Customer Satisfaction’.
  • Advertising- You may have an excellent website with out of the world products but if your customers don’t even know you exist, what will make them come to you? Web Geometrics explores all mediums of online advertising, marketing and digital promotion (SEO) to build a brand that people can relate to.
  • Social Media- Word of mouth still is the most powerful media for broadcasting yourself and your brand. Our Social Media Optimization specialist help you post, tweet and share your heart out and tell people what amazing things you have to offer.
  • User Experience- With so many other options available, it is hard to keep your audience enticed and involved to convert a prospect into a sale and a customer into a repeat customer. From easy navigation to product choice and selection to payment and delivery, the user needs to feel welcomed and comfortable because it’s he who gives the final verdict.