Raspberry PI Application Development

Web Geometrics is one of the initial adopters/ promoter of raspberry pi application development services in India. We have a strong/ an efficient team of raspberry developers who understand the intricacies of raspberry pi application development and have the ability to build cutting edge applications which can run efficiently on any raspberry pi device. We are providing the raspberry pi programming services in India.


raspberry pi development services

Raspberry pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer with 512 MB Ram. Instead of an in built hard disk, it uses the SD card, developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for booting and storage. It was originally built/ designed to teach computer science to students in 2012.  Currently, It runs on a version of Debian Linux named Raspbian which is customized especially for Raspberry Pi devices.


raspberry pi hardware

So far more than 2 million units/ consoles have been sold and its utility is now diversifying and catering to multiple commercial applications including media streaming platform, home automation and a retro game console. It isn’t super powerful on its own however; on assembling it makes a powerful machine.


Our Raspberry Pi applications presently include:

  • Home automation system.
  • Media Streaming Platform.
  • Raspberry game consoles.