Commonly used Drupal Modules

Below is the list of  most commonly used drupal modules, To be noted that several of these are new Drupal 7 modules that didn’t exist in Drupal 6 and some others are Drupal 7 replacements for Drupal 6 modules:

drupal modules


Administration menu: Provides a GUI based interface to navigate through various parts of the site.


Views: Provides an easy and fast way to organise and display the the content to site users in a desired way. It provides an easy way to construct SQL queries to display any sort of list based upon the query you build.

CCK (Content Construction Kit): Module allows you to add custom fields to a node using a web browser.

Pathauto: Module automatically creates SEO friendly URL/Path Aliases for various kinds of content like nodes, taxonomy and users.


Backup and Migrate: Module eases the task of backing up and restoring of drupal database.


Mollom: Easy way to do effective content moderation on a drupal site. Includes pattern recognition and content monitoring to eliminate the worry of spam postings by anonymous users.


WYSIWG (What you see is what you get) editor: Widely used html content editor module to help end user create rich text.


Page Title: Module provides users with amazing control over the HTML head within a page’s tag.


Menu Block: Module delivers configurable menu tree blocks beginning with any and all menus and levels.


Webform: Commonly used module to create user surveys and contact forms.


Memcache: Extremely useful to speed up dynamic database-driven sites by caching data in RAM to reduce the number of times a database or API must be read.


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