Know how GCM push notifications works on android devices

Push notifications are the new way of sending notification to the users. Even when the user is not actively using your application, push notification helps the user to receive notification of a new message or event.

Usually on an android device any time a push notification is received, the application’s icon and status appears on the status bar. The user just has to tap on the notification to be directed to the application and read the message.

The push notification can be broadcasted either to the mass audience or a select set of users. Mass audience is targeted when the notification has to be sent about a marketing campaign. A subset of users are targeted when a personalized information has to be sent.

Android-Push Notification


The below steps explains how push notification works on android devices:

  1. First android device sends sender id, application id to GCM server for registration.
  2. Upon successful registration, GCM server issues registration id to android device.
  3. After receiving registration id, device will send registration id to our server.
  4. Our server will store registration id in the database for further use.
    1. Whenever push notification is needed, our server sends a message to GCM server along with device registration id (which is stored earlier in the database).
    2. GCM server will deliver that message to respected mobile device using device registration id.


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