Keep these basic yet important things in mind while designing an application

Design is not about how it looks but rather how things work. One should keep the design and overall user interface Simple, Clear and Consistent so that your application is able to communicate what you want users to do with minimal friction.


good design ui


A good user interface is what when a product fulfills following:


  • Requires less mental effort to use.
  • Less mistakes when using it.
  • Do more, with less (steps/clicks).
  • Intuitive: Easy to learn/use & familiar to user.

Usability and overall usefulness of an application is governed by how well it performs its functions and how easily those functions are accessed.


Keep in mind following building blocks while designing an application: Layout and Positioning, Shape and Size, Color, Contrast and Texture and design with a goal in mind — a goal that the interface helps your users achieve what they have come for.


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