Internet of Things or IOT: A new way to live a smart life

The Internet of Things or IoT is appearing from nowhere to everywhere. Even before IoT devices dominate our lives, they have already begun dominating media. In his keynote address at CES 2015, the Samsung CEO mentioned IoT 20 times in five minutes.


Big technology giants such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, have begun competing for control of the IoT domain. As a result, almost on a daily basis we hear about startups and established companies making new forays into the IoT ecosystem.

internet of things

Industry analysts project a steep growth trajectory for IoT devices, Gartner forecasts 26 billion IoT devices by 2020, meanwhile ABI Research projects more than 40 billion and IDC has estimated the figure to exceed 50 billion.

Some of the areas where IOT is impacting lives we live today:

Smart Fitness and Health Care
Devices that measure exercise, steps, calories burnt, sleep, weight, blood pressure and other statistics. Fall detection and patient surveillance.


Smart Homes
Switching on and off remotely home appliances to avoid accidents and save energy. Refrigerators with LCD screen telling what’s inside, food that’s about to expire, ingredients that you need to buy. Baby monitoring, cameras and home alarm systems all that making you feel safer and connected even when away from home.


Smart Environment Monitoring
Monitoring of combustion gases and pre emptive fire conditions to define alert zones. Earthquake Early Detection. Air pollution emitted by vehicles and toxic gases
generated by factories. Monitor the quality of tap water in cities and much more.


Smart Cities
Monitoring of parking spaces availability in the city. Intelligent roads with warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams.


The potential of IOT market is huge and it is just the beginning but the real growth and success is yet to come and depends upon the businesses producing real world applications that makes a huge difference in the way we live today.


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