Importance of Link Building in SEO

Links weave connections and reduce spaces. As a metaphor for relationships, links thrive on efficacy and perpetual growth.

Links should be the result of what you do, not the goal. The practice of link building has thus evolved considerably and has been redefined in the last few years. To minimise the element of being trapped by the Google noose, a guarded process needs to be in place. Therefore it becomes imperative to be discerning in link selection.


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Initially the quick shortcuts for link building like automated link blasts, free directories, blog commenting and forum profiles all served as effective practices of earning links to improve one’s position in search results. However with the arrival of the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, these strategies became redundant. Despite this, link building didn’t cease. It has on the contrary advanced consistently and admirably.


The listed are the link building procedures should be avoided in the present scenario to minimize the risk of being caught by Google’s spam hit squad?

  • Paid Links
  • Low quality Article Directory Links
  • Link Exchanges / (a.k.a. reciprocal link schemes)
  • Low quality Press Releases
  • Low quality Directory Links
  • Low quality spam Guest Posts
  • Un themed low quality Link Networks which don’t work


This leads us to publish incredible content and endorse it to the right audience via social media, forums and blogs in surge of links. Besides, the practise of guest blogging is deemed fine till it is accurately done.


The unassuming significance of links as an important signal for Google to consider when ranking content against relevant search queries was recently reiterated by Google Senior Vice President and Fellow Amit Singhal, who heads the search giant’s ranking team, during a recently held SMX keynote.

SEO experts agree that earning links is, and always has been, the safest way to acquire them. When another site links to yours voluntarily, without the promise of a link exchange, payment or other dubious payoff, you’ve “earned” that link.


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