Google MobileGeddon is Here: Time to be Mobile Focused

On 21st April 2015 Google launched its long-awaited mobile-friendly algorithm, “Mobilegeddon“, worldwide, which is estimated to affect a large % of mobile search queries, sending a bold message to brands- improve the mobile experience you are providing else bear the brunt.

mobilegeddon seo google

Update is going to clinch down on sites that are not mobile-friendly – The results will favor websites viewed as “mobile friendly,” giving them higher rankings than sites that are not mobile optimized. Google has said that it will impact more sites than either the Google Penguin or Panda updates did.


Google issued a formal warning about this algorithm update in February 2015, giving site owners and SEO consultants time to make the necessary changes to their sites before the algorithm went live. The update is about Google wanting to dramatically change behavior, get brands to improve mobile friendliness and to see a marked impact on the search landscape.


While Google will be checking every page, it’s worth noting that the algorithm is applied page-by-page and not to the whole site. What this means is that as different pages become mobile friendly they can start to benefit from the SEO boost offered by this update. And, Affects only search rankings on mobile devices.

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