Google App indexing, novel apps and augmented features for English content worldwide

On October 31st 2013, Google announced its App indexing feature that allows Android smartphone users who have the app installed on their phones to access it directly through relevant mobile search results on Google. It went LIVE in December with a limited number of publishers on a test mode in the United States.

On 4 March 2014, Google posted on its official blog that it is now extending this app indexing feature to the English content worldwide and has added 24 new android applications along with.

Google App indexing

App indexing- Significance

A webmaster that owns a news website and has an Android app can get benefited using this app.

When a Google searcher shows one of your news stories as a search result on a mobile device, he/she will be able to open that story directly through the installed app.

The feature currently works on the Google Search App version 2.8+ for Android 4.1+ and in the mobile browsers on Android if the user is signed in.

The 24 newly added apps include AOL,, Eventbrite, Glassdoor, Goodreads, Huffington Post, Pinterest,, Talk Android, The Free Dictionary, The Journal, Trip Advisor, Tumblr, Wattpad, YP, Zagat, Zappos and the Zillow.



In technical terms the webmasters need to configure both their website and their app to define the relationship between them and to maximize efficiency in its functioning.

For additional inputs on the technical specifications, we recommend the listed link.


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