Dhol Dhamaka

DholDhamaka.com is an e-commerce portal for products and a marketplace for services in domain of parties, Festivals and Wedding planning. It has been featured in popular Indian media networks like NDTV, HT and Telegraph for its unique business model.
Website URLwww.dholdhamaka.com

Business Need:
Dhol Dhamaka was looking for an online platform to start its indigenous business idea. Chandan Sharma, Founder, DholDhamaka.com had interviewed many ecommerce application developers but couldn’t find a right fit. There was always something missing.
Chandan found that missing part with Team Webgeometrics. Chandan offered not just Web Design and Development of his dream project but also appointed Web Geometrics for Market Research and Search Engine Optimisation services.

Solution Offered:
Webgeometrics Ecommerce and SEO consultant discussed the business needs of Dhol Dhamaka with Chandan and Team. We discussed the product requirements, data architecture and system requirements. Everything including the design was finalized in consultation with Dhol Dhamaka using agile methodology.
We used SCRUM Agile methodology and used Magento as a Content Management System.
CORE Technology Used:
LAMP with Magento as the Content Management System.
Client Testimonial:

“Web Geometrics has far exceeded our partner expectations, both in conceptualisation and in providing world class SEO Consulting. The design that was done for us really reflects our brand.During all phases of the project, they were patient, customer oriented, and spent the timed needed to understand my business needs.”