Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi

Birsa Agricultural University was established on 26th June, 1981 after its formal inauguration by the then Prime Minister of India, Late Smt.Indira Gandhi.

Business Need: 
Birsa Agricultural University was looking for an IT consultant not to just overhaul their website but to have completed IT Automation in the university. In this case we will discuss about the Website Overhaul part of it.  To know more on IT Automation work done Click Here.  Birsa Agricultural University existing website was slow and was lacking good user interface. It was not mobile friendly and also content update on the site was not easy due to non-existence of any CMS.

Solution Offered:
Webgeometrics Team went to Birsa Agricultural University and met the VC and the rest of the University Team. We discussed big picture they had in the mind. Our Business Analyst and Tech Manager drafted the product requirements, data architecture and system requirements and presented the solution. We Proposed Open Source CMS, WordPress, for easy management of the site. We made the entire site mobile friendly and worked on the performance and security aspect of the site.

CORE Technology Used:
LAMP with WordPress as the Content Management System.

Client Testimonial:

“We are happy working with Web Geometrics. Team is Supportive, energetic and experts of what they do.”