Basics of PhoneGap- An easy way to build cross platform hybrid mobile applications

What is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is a free and opensource application framework that allows developers to create native like mobile applications using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

For iOS applications the output is an IPA file (iOS Application Archive), for Android applications the output is an APK file (Android Package), for Window Phone the output is a XAP file (Application Package). These are the same application packaging formats used by “native” applications, and can be distributed through the appropriate app stores.


PhoneGap applications use HTML5 and CSS3 for their rendering, and JavaScript for their logic. PhoneGap framework embeds HTML5 code inside a native WebView on the device. PhoneGap includes basic plugins that allow access to the device’s accelerometer, camera, microphone, compass, geolocation, file system, and more.




In short, an application built using PhoneGap will primarily have two parts:

  • The JavaScript Business Logic Part, which drives the UI and its functionality.
  • The JavaScript Part, which accesses and controls the device (phone or tablet).


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