Android L: Google’s new OS that will make iPhone users drool with jealousy

If tech enthusiasts are anything to go by, Google has just hinted at a storm coming your way by bringing in a new update for its operating system. Android L which was recently launched amongst much fanfare is the latest update for the Android OS, paving way for an amazing user experience. Users surely wouldn’t be disappointed as it comes with some real power packed features.


The first thing that comes to your mind is its unique approach towards design. This update comes with a bold new look giving it an all new dimension. Google calls it the “Material Design”. At its core, Material Design is a complete overhaul of how Android looks, how it functions and most importantly how the user, interacts with it.


Android L comes with ART (Android runtime), which is a new runtime complier that processes applications more efficiently establishing support for a faster performance. ART is compatible with just-in-time compilation and can run across different platforms which mean that it can run a variety of apps giving the user a variety of options.  It runs on a 64-bit support which allows for an additional address space and improved performance with certain compute workloads.


Moreover, to differentiate between work and play, Android has come up with a unique solution – Android at work. This new feature allows users to create a silo for stuff meant for work so users don’t accidentally reveal personal information to their colleagues or business partners.


Another interesting feature of the Android L is its enhanced security system.


For those who are inconvenienced by tedious pins and patterns, they can put in place L’s Personal Unlocking feature, which lets users program their phones at a location where it is safe for it to unlock itself. Android is also allowing users to unlock an L device connected via Bluetooth to another device. For example, the device will automatically unlock if it detects an Android Wear smartwatch in the vicinity. There’s also the all-important kill switch, officially known as Factory Reset Projection that prevents phone thieves from using stolen phones.


But if there’s one feature that stands out amongst all is its amazing battery life. Google calls this initiative as Project Volta. It is designed to improve the overall battery life by optimizing how the systems of the device are used. It also offers 2 new features – a Battery Historian tool and a Battery Saver mode. Battery Historian tool gives users a breakdown of what is draining their device’s battery while Battery Saver will allow them to clock-down CPUs, turn down refresh rates and shut off background data to save your battery. It’s also beneficial for developers, who can then use this information to create apps that don’t use up too much power.


Whatever the case maybe, one thing’s for sure, there’s much to look up to in the new Android L update.


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